Grocery Shopping at Disney

Holiday meals delivered to your resort!
Who wants to take time out of their fun vacation to go grocery shopping?

Well, to tell the truth, when we are at the beach I really enjoy grocery shopping — not sure why but I do!

But NOT at Disney.

First, we usually fly and therefore don’t have a car.  And I don’t want the expense of renting one.  We have done Uber to get to church but don’t want the hassle of that for grocery shopping.

In the past we have used WeGoShop — and they were okay … but this past summer they seemed more limited in where they would shop for you.  And, there’s DizzyDolphin — but when I priced out an order with them it was DOUBLE what I would have paid at my local stores.  No, thank you.

So, we went with the old faithful standby, Garden Grocer.  They are super easy to order from and reliable.  This year our groceries were delivered directly to our hotel room at Bay Lake Tower before we even arrived.  The year before, they were waiting for us downstairs — we just had to call bell services and they delivered to our room within 15 minutes.

Give them a try on your next trip and leave the shopping to them.