Catholic Mass at Disney

You have several options for Catholic Mass at Disney.

Unfortunately, Mass is no longer an option on Disney property on a regular basis. Catholic Mass use to be available every Sunday at the Disney Polynesian Resort. That is no longer the case and hasn’t been since at least 2004 or so. However, mass is offered at the Contemporary Resort on Christmas and Easter.

The closest option for Catholic Mass is available at Mary, Queen of the Universe Catholic Shrine. HOWEVER, there is another option that may be a mile or two further but will actually be a much better option for several reasons.

The BETTER option is Corpus Christi Catholic Church in Celebration.

Corpus Christi may be a few miles further but in reality Taxi or Uber will get you there much quicker. Additionally, the mass, in general, is a much better experience — especially spiritually.

Uber can get you there in about 10 minutes and the cost will be around $10 to $12. If you go to the closer option (Mary, Queen of the Universe Shrine) the costs may be a $1 or $5 more — because the line to get out of the church is almost as bad as the line for Space Mountain. Seriously, it’s true. The way the church is situated there is a long line to get into the church and a long line to get out. And, EVERYONE going to church from any Orlando attraction is here.

Take my advice, GO to Corpus Christi in Celebration. It’s a nice parish community where everyone is friendly and you feel like you are home. In fact, the last time we attended mass here in July our Uber driver was actually a member of the parish.